Skate Sizing

Having a skate fit proper should be one if not the most important items sized in your hockey bag . All manufacturers (BAUER,CCM and others) size differently and will certainly fit differently than your shoe size. Skates usually size about 1 ½ to 2 sizes from your shoes.

To find the ideal length,  Put your foot in the skate with the laces loose and tongue forward then push your foot to the front of the skate so your big toe just barely feather touches the front with your heal flat. Then from the back you should have about one finger behind to give a year worth of growing room.

Adults that have stopped growing can go slightly smaller than that, anything bigger can cause the foot to move around in the boot which in return will cause blisters etc,


Helmet Sizing

Expand  the helmet to its largest setting and then place it on your head. Slowly adjustment the helmet smaller until it is snug on your head. The helmet should be snug and should not move around, but not too tight to make it uncomfortable. Be sure the helmet does not move around when you move your head. You will also want to wear the helmet for a few minutes to be sure there are no pains or pressure points on your head.  Take note that the memory foams and gel  in some helmets can be hard at first impression but once the heat of your head warms these up the comfort will be felt.